Zoe & Theresa from Exercise Therapy Online

Zoe and Theresa are both fitness instructors who work at Exercise Therapy Online. The pair work in partnership with Ipswich Hospital to support patients with cancer to be physically active before, during and after treatment.

"Both of these ladies always go the extra mile and make a special effort to support the individual needs of each patient. During lockdown, Zoe quickly converted the face to face workshops and courses we offer to our patients into an online version."

The patients that Zoe and Theresa work with have benefitted enormously over the years from the care and support that they have both provided for them.

"The feedback and patient experience is always extremely positive and we have seen a significant improvement in their mobility, recovery from symptoms, psychological well being and motivation. As professionals in the NHS it is a privilege to be able to work collaboratively with other organisations and services in order to improve our patients fitness and well being."

Both Zoe and Theresa go the extra mile to work with their patients, thank you both for continuing this virtually!