Wojtek Wasag

Wojtek is a personal trainer who works out of Hadleigh Pool and Leisure. When the leisure centre was shut down and trainers were no longer allowed to work face to face with clients, Wojtek stepped up to the challenge and set up an online platform. Wojtek created an online community called "Workin' Together" through Facebook where he was able to engage with his existing clients, whilst also offering his support to anyone else that needed it during lockdown.

The services and support he offered local people during this time was completely free of charge and despite filming and delivering the online classes from a tiny room in his flat, he was consistent and committed to providing a variety of classes including: HIIT training, upper body classes and sessions that focused on strengthening the arms and legs.

Wojtek has been described as being constantly upbeat and encouraging as well as being a huge help so many during a difficult time.

"The services Wojtek has provided to the community throughout the lockdown period from online sessions to boot camps and PT session have been invaluable. Every session is always great fun and a laugh is guaranteed, I cannot thank him enough for how much he has helped me!"

The workouts provided were always fun, varied and some tough! Enough for everyone to have a different level to suit them.

"Professional, friendly, hardworking, popular and very kind. Just a few words that sum up a very deserving young man."

Wojtek has helped to keep many in his community active and motivated which has been an incredible help to so many. His achievements have even been acknowledged by the Mayor of Hadleigh where his story made it into the local press.

"Wojtek has shown how passionate he is about staying active, throughout the whole of lockdown he's created a community of people and provided free support, workout videos and guidance to everyone all through his enthusiasm to staying active and helping others. He started safe, COVID suitable boot camps as soon as he was able and worked all through the day to keep people going."

"He kept standards realistic and showed that we all have good days and bad and that even a little walk is still an achievement."

Thank you Wojtek, clearly a much loved and looked up to pillar of our community!