Week 1


1) Send in your first attempt to us on via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email.
2) You have all week to practice.
3) Send in your improved attempt on Friday!

Step by Step Instructions to Perform the Ski Sit

  • Start with you back against the wall with your feet shoulder width apart, about 2 feet from the wall.
  • Slowly lower your back down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Adjust your feet so your knees are directly above your ankles (rather than over your toes).
  • Engage your core to support/protect your back.
  • Keep your back flat against the wall.
  • Hold position for as long as you can!
  • Slide slowly back up the wall to a standing position.

Check out Tom's final attempt of the first Give it Your Best Go Challenge...remember to send us yours at giveityourbestgo@activesuffolk.org or tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram