The role of This Girl Can Ambassadors

This Girl Can in Suffolk

Active Suffolk is a recognised supporter of the This Girl Can campaign and has over 50 active This Girl Can Ambassadors who are all working to inspire other females to participate in sport and fulfil an active lifestyle. The overall aim is for all women in Suffolk to have the opportunity to take part in physical activity without the fear of judgement.

Our local ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds and each have an inspiring story or message to share, in the hope that collectively we can:

  • Increase the number of women in Suffolk participating regularly in physical activity and sport
  • Reduce the barriers that women face within sport by providing positive role models and support networks
  • Increase individuals' knowledge of the sport and physical activity opportunities available in local areas

What is an Ambassador?

In Suffolk, the This Girl Can campaign is led by Active Suffolk who recruit female ambassadors from across the county who are passionate advocates for sport and physical activity.

The ambassador role is voluntary and we have broken it down, so no matter whether you can give an hour to help at an event, can share your own experiences through blogs or can post motivational messages on your social media, we'd love for you to be involved!

What does a local This Girl Can Ambassador do?

When signing up as a This Girl Can ambassador in Suffolk you have the option to support the campaign in a variety of ways which suit you based on the time you can afford to commit.

As an ambassador, your role is to be an advocate for physical activity within your community to inspire, motivate and support other women to be physically active. We appreciate this is a voluntary role and that everyone possesses different skills.

The four ways in which you can fulfil this role are listed below*:

• A deliverer
• A supporter
• A promoter
• An inspirer

*Please note - no matter which role you decide to take on as an ambassador, you would not be expected to commit a set amount of time to the campaign. You would be invited to fulfil your role on an ad hoc basis, and you would not obliged to be involved if a time or opportunity does not fit around other commitments you have.

Below is a brief description of the roles we would see you playing as a local TGC Ambassador. You would not expected to fulfil all areas, and you would not be expected to stick to only one. You can move into different roles to take on more, or less responsibility based on your capacity.

As a deliverer, you would support some of the Active Suffolk projects or physically deliver talks, physical activity sessions or events in your local community. What you deliver would be dependent on your skill set so would vary between ambassadors, but this role is about having an actual presence in the community.

As an inspirer, you would work to share your journey, story and experience with sport and physical activity through your online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You may support online campaigns, back the national messages and use your voice to inspire women to be active.

As a supporter, you may work in the community or with women who require that extra support to engage with sport or physical activity. You may take up training opportunities to enhance your skills allowing you to support women in your network.

As a promoter, you may work to promote the local TGC opportunity to other women in your network. You may also be present at local events and represent the campaign, its messages and values.

Want to be inspired by our local Ambassadors?

If you are currently inactive or have lost your passion for sport and exercise, our ambassadors are active on social media helping to inspire and motivate local women to be active. If you need help igniting your spark and passion for physical activity before contemplating becoming an ambassador yourself, be sure to follow the local campaign on social media to see what the team are currently up to.

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