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Support for Coaches

Professional Development

Active Suffolk have developed a CPD offer for the entire workforce, which includes a selection of courses and e-learning modules available for coaches, instructors, the professional workforce, school teachers and health sector workers. There is also support & information available for Clubs via ClubMatters

More information can be found in the CPD guide below


Many high class coaches, both past and present, identify someone in their formative years who has influenced their style, perspective and attitude towards coaching and the game they coach. They have been 'mentored' to think and behave in a way that has enabled them to get the best out of their athletes and achieve great things within their profession.

Mentoring can either be formal, 'under the wing' of a more experienced/qualified coach, or informal, where a coach actively watches other coaching sessions and has access to someone for support and guidance as and when required. Informal coaching has, in many instances, proved as beneficial as formal coaching.

The 2019-2024 Workforce Strategy looks at offering a mentoring scheme for coaches (and volunteers). More information on this will follow soon.

Recommended learning

Whilst attending workshops and seminars is still widely used in coach education, there are other ways to develop your coaching knowledge. Reading books and visiting websites can be just as helpful when looking at new ideas and techniques.

Recommended Reading

  • Bounce: How Champions are Made (Matthew Syed) - Explores what makes champions rise above others competitors.
  • Successful Coaching (Rainer Martens) - Offers an in-depth introduction to the coaching profession and is specifically written for high school or serious club coaches.
  • Seeing the Sunrise (Justin Langer) - A member of one of the greatest teams to ever play cricket, Justin Langer explores the mental and emotional side of world class sport. This book provides a good insight for anyone interested or involved in sport, not just cricket.

Recommended Viewing

  • Australian Institute of Sport - Not only featuring pages on coaching and coach development, but club development and officiating aswell.
  • BBC SPORT Sport Academy - Providing simple sessions and guides on various sports.
  • sportscoach UK - the lead authority for sport coaching in the UK. Registration is necessary to view some of the pages. Subscription available up to full membership.
  • The Leisure Review - For an independant view of the leisure industry.

Talent I.D.

  • Rasmus Ankerson: How to find undervalued talent. View the video below.
  • Rasmus Ankersen: Why do location-based talent goldmines exist? View the video below.

Please contact Active Suffolk if you have any coaching material you would like to recommend.