Suffolk Yoga

Suffolk Yoga is an Ipswich based organisation that delivers various yoga sessions to suit everyone!

"The guys at Suffolk Yoga really stepped up to help us out during lockdown, they understand the importance of our yoga practice, both for our physical and mental wellbeing and went above and beyond to provide a range of class throughout the day from their homes (& even when they were away on their holidays!)"

When Lockdown rules were first put in place, many clients of Suffolk Yoga thought that they would have to stop their sessions. Suffolk Yoga proved them wrong when they very quickly adapted and continued to deliver online sessions, allowing clients to practice from home.

"They were super quick to ensure all the students could continue to practice from home by streaming classes and reduced class costs as a result. They would consult with students as to the best times to schedule classes based on everyone's new working arrangements and really put the students at the forefront of any decisions being made. They focused on everyone's wellbeing, often concentrating on lots of breathing exercises knowing that COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory disease. They created a real sense of an online community which is so important when many were isolated and unable to see friends or family."

Another client commented:

"From the start of lockdown they quickly adapted add organised online classes to suit everyone's needs and timings. Sending regular updates and checking in with everyone who was in attendance (online) to see how they were coping and reminding us all they were there to help anyway they could. The classes were well balanced to aid with both physical and mental health and with friendly instructors it was an important part of lockdown life."

For many who practice yoga, it is a way of relaxing as well as being physically active. One client spoke of how this helped her during this time by saying:

"As someone who works in the NHS to be able to continue to practice yoga and relaxation it has been a true benefit to me. Julia and all the team are wonderful caring people and I cannot thank them enough for being my lockdown activity hero."

Thank you to all of the staff at Suffolk Yoga for keeping your clients active (and happy as a result!).