Shelley Boak

Shelley is a fitness instructor who teaches a variety of fitness classes including Pilates and HIIT Training.

When lockdown restrictions where put in place, Shelley took straight to Facebook and YouTube to be able to carry on keeping her clients fit and active. Shelley would both stream her workouts live to Facebook and then upload them on to YouTube for clients who needed to watch on a bigger screen or in their own time.

"Shelley has been doing classes almost every day and has a great variety of classes for us all to do. She has been doing the classes in her lounge whilst her family and dog work around her but she has managed it effortlessly."

"She has helped me to not completely lose my fitness over the last four months!"

Another one of her clients commented:

"Seeing Shelley on my tv screen really gave me a normal feeling, I am used to seeing her 4 times a week so during this time it was essential to feel normal. Her workouts of course physically benefit my health in many ways and they have been a life saver in terms of managing weight and maintaining fitness levels during a stressful time. I will never forget the fact that Shelley stepped up to provide these classes to us often at times where she wasn't feeling her best. She always manages a funny comment and often made me laugh whilst working out, as she does in all classes normally. She often asked for ideas for different types of class and would tailor sessions to our needs. Shelley has been my personal savour during this time, I can't wait to get back to normal sometime soon with Shelley for real!!"

Shelley's workouts have physically and mentally benefited those she instructs, well done Shelley for keeping your clients active and focused during these times!