Sadie MAC

Sadie is a group fitness instructor from Ipswich. Once lockdown restrictions were put in place, Sadie knew that her usual clients would be likely to struggle with their mental and physical health during such a challenging time. She was also aware that she would struggle with her own wellbeing if she did not keep up with her regular spin and fitness classes.

To enable herself to return to her usual classes fighting fit and to ensure her members continued to stay motivated to exercise during the lockdown, Sadie moved her classes to the online world where she used Facebook to deliver live and recorded yoga, spin and weight classes.

During the lockdown Sadie delivered an impressive 250 online classes which are still watched daily by those that are choosing to workout from home. Her most popular virtual class was spin and the community she created even rallied around to support those without a bike to get one via the marketplace on Facebook. Sadie and her partner even supported some members by servicing the bikes, enabling everyone to safely take part in her virtual sessions.

In total the regular spinners cycled 1600 miles during the lockdown!

All 13 classes that Sadie offered each week were totally free of charge and one particpant told us:

"The classes provided positivity during a challenging time. The classes were varied and they enabled us to stay fit and sane!"

Well done Sadie and thank you for everything you did to keep your community fit and well! There is no doubt that you really have been a Lockdown Activity Hero!