Physical Activity supporting cardiac patients in Suffolk

Physical Activity supporting cardiac patients in Suffolk

Through the Active Wellbeing Service, the Active Suffolk team regularly connect and refer into existing services and work with community exercise specialists to support clients, particularly those living with long term health conditions. The team have recently linked up with Amanda Pearson and Hayley Ferris who are delivering Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation classes in Ipswich & Felixstowe.

"When someone has a cardiac event or is diagnosed with a heart condition, they will be enrolled onto phase 1 & 2 rehabilitation at the hospital, phase 3 then introduces patients to physical activity before they are then offered compulsory phase 4 classes in the community."

We visited the Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation Classes to find out how patients are benefitting...

"I had a heart attack caused by a clot when I was just 48 years old, which I have since discovered was genetic.

I wasn't confident to be active following this, even walking up the road made me nervous and my family were very worried too. However with the support of rehab I built up my fitness and then coming to these phase 4 classes was a big milestone.

It is lovely to be with people who have had a similar experience and now I have the knowledge and confidence I sometimes do my own exercises at home too.

Without the classes, my lifestyle would be very different."

- Marina

"I had a triple bypass after doctors discovered three of my arteries were completely blocked.

I didn't have many symptoms, I was just experiencing breathlessness so my wife encouraged me to see the doctor.

I have been coming to these classes for 6 years now and overtime I have built up my confidence and I have gained strength and fitness. Coming here was the best thing I did!"

- Charlie

Richard (pictured on the left) told us:

"I had a heart attack in 2004 which led to a quadruple bypass in 2005. I started attending these classes not long after and several years later I then required a pace maker and defibrillator.

The defibrillator did shock me last year but I really I don't think I would be alive today if it wasn't for these classes and the treatment I have received."

Godfrey (pictured on the right) said:

"I was referred to Cardiac Rehabilitation after having a heart attack and a stent fitted. I had not been active for a long time before having my heart attack but coming to something specialised following the event really helped me to get active again.

It is the best thing I could have done. It is not just the exercise either, it gets me out of the house and has allowed me to meet new people and make friends."

Find out more about Amanda Pearson's classes by contacting her on 07771652149 and details of classes delivered by Hayley Ferris can be found at