Nicola & Scott Slack from Kuk Sool Won of Newmarket

Kuk Sool Won is a Newmarket based Martial Arts Class. They work with 70 members ranging from the age of 4 - 60 years old!

When the lockdown restriction were announced, Nicola and Scott both stepped up and ensured they stayed connected with all of their members. The couple delivered online support for their students who were working towards belts and helped to encourage and support all members to continue to practise, stay active and remain motivated to stay fit and focused during such unpredictable times.

The duo filmed classes in their garden at home and delivered two weekly sessions to their students via zoom. In addition to classes they also recorded demonstrations and provided their students with feedback after reviewing their performance via videos. A WhatsApp group was also set up to keep everyone well connected during a time where face to face contact was restricted.

"Scott and Nicola effortlessly switched to effective zoom classes when lockdown was introduced and I did not miss one session...they went above and beyond to ensure all their students were taken care of."

The pair also set up challenges for their members which helped to keep their sessions interesting and engaging.

"They have helped my son and I stay active. By doing what we love it has taken our minds away from all the negative going on. They've given me support when I needed it and have always been there throughout."

The support of Scott and Nicola has kept members motivated throughout this time and this has proven to help them with their physical and mental health.

"If they had not provided consistent work-out and training classes I would have quickly lost motivation. Maintaining my regular workouts helped keep my stress levels down...The continued learning required in Kuk Sool meant my mind was busy with that instead of worrying about COVID. This ensured I remained physically and mentally fit."

In addition, the couple also worked to continue supporting 15 of their students towards their black belt graduation. Following the dedication of the club, their grandmaster gave them special exceptions and approval to test students virtually in June. All of them passed the final test and have now become fully certified as 10 first degree, 4 second degrees and one 4th degree. The testings were all done via zoom under gazebos in the rain, living rooms, hallways, driveways and gardens in the blistering sunshine.

The work of the couple was selfless during this time but had a significant impact on all of their members lives, young and old. One parent told us:

"Their efforts had a massive positive effect on my sons mental health, having some form of 'normality' during such a horrible & confusing time for him! I cannot thank them enough!"

It is clear to see why the pair have been nominated as Lockdown Activity Heroes- Thank you for helping your community!