The Active Skills Project is now over midway and on the way to success!

The Active Skills Project is now over midway and on the way to success!

Posted: Wed, 18 Jan 2023 14:54

The Active Skills Project is now over midway and on the way to success!


Active Suffolk are now at the halfway point in rolling out the Active Skills project, following the success of securing over £170,000 of funding from the Suffolk Inclusive Growth Investment Fund, Suffolk County Council and The Chartered Institute of the Management of Sport & Physical Activity (CIMSPA) to upskill the Sport & Physical Activity workforce.

The project is providing employers and instructors with the opportunity and financial support to access a range of qualifications and CPD with the aim of addressing skills gaps within the sector and upskilling employees particularly in the prevention and management of long-term health conditions; an area of which was identified as a top priority training need in the Sport & Physical Activity Sector Skills Strategy.

To date, the project has invested over £81,000 in upskilling the workforce with 54% of all skills qualifications completed. The focus in the last few months has been to increase the number of Long-Term Health Condition training specifically in Exercise Referral, Cancer, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab of which 46% of training has been completed at the halfway mark.

Feedback from independent instructors and employees completing the training has been outstanding. 100% of exercise specialists attending courses stated that the training investment has improved the quality of their knowledge and delivery and confidence to prescribe and deliver physical activity to their clients. The training has also had a positive impact on attracting new participants to their classes, with a total of 120 new participants attending sessions since the project began.

An instructor completing a Level 2 Mental Health course said:

"As well as feeling that I have more skills to be able to share with my students, I feel I have also personally benefited from gaining this new knowledge in support of my own mental well-being as a freelancer and small business owner."

An instructor completing a Phase 4 Cancer Rehabilitation course said:

"Having attended the Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation course, has not only extended my knowledge of how to set up and deliver cancer related physical activity sessions, it has vastly improved my confidence as an exercise professional. It was definitely worth the investment and I'm very grateful to the Active Skills project for supporting me with funding this training; it's not something I would have considered otherwise due to the high financial commitment as an independent instructor"

Since completing a Level 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation course in August, one of our independent instructors has set up a Cardiac Rehab course offering classes to those who have suffered cardiac problems or surgery. Since setting up this course, there have been over 30+ new participants attend the sessions, with really positive outcomes and impact demonstrated:

One of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients said:

"I was referred to Cardiac Rehabilitation after having a heart attack and a stent fitted. I had not been active for a long time before having my heart attack but coming to something specialised following the event really helped me to get active again. It is the best thing I can have done. It is not just the exercise either, it gets me out of the house and has allowed me to meet new people and make friends."

Through continuing to deliver this project, individual businesses in the Sport & Physical Activity Sector will be more resilient and upskilled to provide a better-quality service which meets the needs of local communities, allowing their business to grow and secure further investment into Suffolk. Th

Karen Chapman, Partnership Manager for Suffolk Growth said:

"Suffolk Growth are delighted to continue to support Active Suffolk in this sector skills improvement programme. Raising the skills and qualification levels of the sport and physical activity sector in Suffolk is a really important part of sustaining healthier communities and a productive workforce across the county. We are already seeing tangible benefits for employers, staff and residents from the Suffolk Inclusive Growth Fund investment and the focus on skills development supporting people manage long term health conditions in leisure centres and community settings is now more than ever an important part of supporting health and wellbeing in Suffolk." recovery owing

For further information about Active Suffolk and the Active Skills Project, please visit Active Suffolk – Active Skills . For any queries regarding the Project, please contact either Susannah Challis or Emily Parish

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