FREE Volleyball resource and webinar for teacher, coaches and children's group leaders

FREE Volleyball resource and webinar for teacher, coaches and children's group leaders

Posted: Fri, 04 Jun 2021 12:04

FREE Volleyball resource and webinar for teacher, coaches and children's group leaders

To help get children in England playing volleyball earlier, knowing there's limited volleyball knowledge in the general population, Volleyball England have been drawing inspiration from abroad and adapting to put together Volley2s. The free resources available would allow a primary school teacher or multi-sports coach to start teaching adapted versions of the game and also allow those without volleyball knowledge to get going.

On Thursday the 10th of June, from 7pm there will be a webinar to introduce the programme.

Volleyball England also offer FREE membership to schools and junior clubs; email to get your school, club, brownies or cubs group registered for the first time for access to VolleyZone and the webinar.

For more information, including how you can register for the webinar and to download the resources please visit:

If you're not familiar with volleyball and need more information before deciding whether or not to attend the webinar or take a look at the resources, please see the benefits described below.

Why Volleyball?

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world, featuring in the Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games. The reason for this outstanding success is that volleyball is a highly versatile and accessible sport. It can be practised from childhood to adulthood, by women and men, in a sports hall, playground, park or at the beach, by people with various levels of abilities and disabilities and it requires very little equipment.

About Volley2s

Volley2s is a two player version of volleyball which has been developed for children aged 7 to 11. This small sided version of volleyball:

  • Simplifies the game
  • Increases engagement and activity
  • Is easy to learn and play different positions.

Volley2s takes young people from an easy to play catch and throw game through four developmental stages (Red, Amber, Green, Gold) to play 2v2 volleyball using recognised volleyball shots such as dig, set, spike, serve and block. Each stage is organised differently with its own set of rules.

Benefits of Volley2s

  • Develops fundamental movement skills that are essential in dealing with a variety of physical environments encountered in everyday life. Through a number of different controlled, whole-body actions such as moving, throwing, catching, jumping, running and striking skills, children learn the fundamental movements which contribute to general body awareness and foster healthy physical habits.
  • Promotes problem solving skills and basic game tactics. Children are encouraged to find solutions and strategies needed for success, make decisions based on different situations as well as identify and practise the skills needed to improve play. The game tactics found in volleyball include maintaining a rally, defending space, building a play and scoring a point.
  • Fosters positive sporting behaviours such as teamwork, respect of oneself and others and taking initiative. These social skills are essential for developing well-rounded individuals. Volleyball is an ideal sport through which positive behavioural habits can be fostered among children.
  • Is a safe non-contact activity
  • Meets National Curriculum requirements
  • Contributes to physical literacy by building the skills, knowledge, and behaviours to lead an active life.

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