Brandon, what does healthy mean to you?

Brandon, what does healthy mean to you?

Posted: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 09:41

Brandon, what does healthy mean to you?

Public Heath Suffolk wants to find out what they could do to help those in Brandon be as healthy as possible. So, they asked Healthwatch Suffolk and some local leaders to put together a survey to ask you some questions.

The team are interested in understanding what having a healthy lifestyle and being healthy means to you, and what things you might like to do to be healthier.

This work aims to help build local lifestyle initiatives – and all answers will assist Public Health Suffolk in understanding what people living in Brandon would benefit from the most.

The team would like to hear from three specific groups:

  • Those aged between 9 to 19
  • People who are parents
  • Those who work in services that provide nutrition or exercise services to Brandon's children and young people

If you fit into one of the groups listed above, please click HERE to complete the survey

Please note, the parent survey is also available in Polish, Portuguese and Lithuanian.

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