The Keep Fitters of Little Waldingfield are having a 'zooming' good time!

The Keep Fitters of Little Waldingfield are having a 'zooming' good time!

Posted: Wed, 08 Apr 2020 08:00

The Keep Fitters of Little Waldingfield are having a 'zooming' good time!

Nic Carter, a Personal Trainer and Life Coach from Suffolk was introduced to the Fit Villages team from Active Suffolk back in February 2019. Following some research on the area, it was discovered that the local people of Little Waldringfield were keen to attend a regular Keep Fit class. As a community based personal trainer, with a passion for delivering physical activity to clients from the comfort of their own home or community, this was an ideal opportunity for Nic and one she could not turn down.

The Fit Villages project not only supports people in rural Suffolk to be more physically active, but it also allows communities to become better connected in an attempt to tackle social isolation and loneliness.

Nic's group has been running for over a year now, but we got in touch to find out how she is supporting the group to continue to be connected and physically active during the Covid-19 outbreak.

"In amongst the crazy times that we are all experiencing, it was really important to the Little Waldingfield Keep Fitters to maintain their fitness levels, as well as their connection with, and to, each other. When the group first started in February 2019, some of the participants were new to the village, and they found comfort in getting to know other people who were their neighbours, and at that time – soon to become good friends. Other participants came from outside the village, but soon became part of the wonderful community that had been created by Fit Villages. The group bonds grew stronger and stronger over the course of time, and as such, we have all become a huge support to each other in so many ways. We have a 'What's App' group where we have all been able to keep in touch with each other regularly. Over the last few weeks, the group chat has been an essential tool in supporting each other, as we have been sharing jokes, funny video's, advice, and most importantly, we have been able to check in with each other, making sure we are all keeping safe and well."

"To ensure that the group could remain connected as well as fit, I started up Zoom keep fit sessions for the Little Waldingfield Keep Fitters on a Tuesday night - at the same time that we would normally have our face to face session. This enabled everyone not only to stay in their same routine, but also allowed them all to see each other and share some time together – albeit remotely. The first session worked really well and from this we decided to carry on the Zoom sessions for the foreseeable future. Leading on from this, many of the participants were interested in the other classes I was holding via Zoom, so I ensured that they all had access to them. For me, it has been so lovely to see all of my participants come together in one place, as this has never happened before due to the classes being held in different villages. I am also hoping that due to everyone having access to all classes, fitness levels of all participants will maintain and if not increase during this lockdown period, which would be an awesome result."

"It is fair to say that for some (if not all) of the Little Waldingfield Keep Fitters, continuing with Zoom session will be a lifesaver for them over the next few weeks and possibly months. For me, it is a great way to be able to continue to support everyone, not only with their physical health, but with their mental health too. In times like these, it is very easy to lose our sense of community, sense of achievement and sense of meaning and purpose. But by being able to participate in the group sessions, all of the participants can continue to be part of the much cherished community they belong to, as well as continue to achieve some fantastic fitness challenges and gain some amazing results. It also helps me tremendously, as it gives me a sense of achievement being able to continue to support all of my participants, as well as ensure I can maintain a sense of meaning and purpose during this lockdown period."

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