Stowmarket Rookery Community Bowls Club

Stowmarket Rookery Community Bowls Club

Posted: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 10:53

Great Fun at Cedrus House

Part of what we do is visit care homes to bring some fun bowling, laughter and, activity to their day. Today we visited Cedrus House, (we visit regulary each week), this is a superb care home with lovely facilities andvery caring staff. Our bowling kit comprises of bowls, targets and a chute for residents to bowl from a wheelchair. At the start of the visit we set up our equipment and arranged the chairs so that everybody can join in the fun even when they are not playing. Chelsea then brought in the residents to the cinema room, she then ensured that the residents were happy and comfortable. We then started the session with some jokes and casual bowling to help the residents be nice and relaxed. Carol, Steve and Peter our team for today (part of our volunteer team) helped organise and and start the games.

At half time everybody was served tea and biscuits whilst Steve and Peter announced the half time scores. In truth nobody cared they just excitedly waited for their next go. After tea we all started a different game with a large circular target with steve kicking the bowl when it was a little astray onto the target to the merriment of all present.

Chelsea then helped each bowler in turn to have their go safely by holding on to anybody that was a little unsteady. Carol then passed a bowl to the first person and Chelsea ensured they were safe and steady and we all then started the first game enjoying the first part of the afternoon.

Carol has come up with this super idea of presenting individual rosettes and medals to everybody. So now our Rookery team handmakes rosettes before each visit to hand out. This has now become the highlight of our visit at the end of the afternoon with everybody getting a rosette. After the rosettes presentation we waved goodby with happy faces looking back at us knowing we will be here again next week. We have a video showing what we do featuring our visits to Cedrus House please have a look and you will be able to experience what fun days we all have too!.

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