Mr Ryan Hunt

Mr Hunt is a PE teacher at Woods Loke Primary School. During lockdown, he provided daily challenges for children and asked for them to send challenges back to him! He encouraged pupils to participate in competitions and to remain active.

"This PE teacher from woods loke primary school (Mr Hunt) has been non stop working throughout lockdown, keeping the kids motivated and having fun. I was participating in the activities along with my baby sister and the fun activities he provided made lockdown a lot easier. If anyone deserves this, it is Mr Hunt for all his hard work and effort he puts in for the children and even the parents. What an amazing role model for all the children."

As well as encouraging those pupils who were not already active to get involved, Mr Hunt also helped to continue inspire those who would usually participate in regular physical activity and sporting clubs. In a time where a child's confidence and sporting skills may have been knocked, Mr Hunt was able to enable pupils to gain new skills and excel through innovative challenges.

One parent told us:

"Both my children's confidence for sports has risen even more and I think that's hugely important. Mr Hunt really did help so much during lockdown with fun ideas to keep active and he was always so positive. My children LOVED hearing Mr Hunts feedback and it always made them smile so much hearing how proud he was of them and his positive praise."

All parents echo the sentiment, stating that Mr Hunt has gone above and beyond, to keep all children happy and entertained, while fostering an excitement for PE and physical activity when pupils return in September. In addition to the virtual challenges, he has been busy distributing activities and access to free resources for pupils, dropping off medals and certificates to children, while coming into school during the summer to prepare the sports hall ahead of the children's return.

"All of Mr Hunts efforts have had a positive impact on the school/staff/pupils/parents merely by his passion for physical education being filtered down in a fun but knowledgeable way. New equipment/fresh ideas and the love of his job has produced such a positive impact/response from everyone involved in Woods Loke Primary School."

Some very high praise indeed! Thank you for all of your hard work during lock-down, Mr Hunt!