Mr Ryan Forwood

Mr Ryan Forwood is a PE teacher at Roman Hill Primary School and has worked tirelessly during lock-down. He has set challenges for pupils and trawled through a mass of videos sent in to provide feedback and inspiration to pupils. Sessions have been designed not just to get children active, but to get families involved and inspire physical activity into the pupils at Roman Hill.

"Ryan did a fabulous job promoting PE and physical activity for our children at home via YouTube - providing health tips and also weekly challenges where the children would film/photo to show their evidence - all children who entered are awarded."

One of the virtual sessions included a Roman Hill sports day, including a whole host of motivational clips, tasks and challenges for all.

"He is always inclusive, supportive, motivational and helpful to everyone in the school both teachers and pupils. Always smiling and kind."

In addition to the physical challenges Mr Forwood set for the children, he also took the time out to offer everyone encouragement, praise and feedback which many parents found invaluable during this time, one parent told us:

"My son can be very self conscious and he got upset when things were tricky so to have that positive praise from someone other than 'mum' has helped and had a huge impact on his self esteem."

Other comments include that Mr Forwood has managed to bring the school together, even when apart, and that his enthusiasm has maintained and kept physical activity fun and accessible for all. Thank you for all of your hard work Mr Ryan Forwood!