Mr Johnny Lee

Mr Johnny Lee is a PE teacher at Red Oak Primary School in Lowestoft. During lock-down, he provided pupils and family with daily workout videos uploaded to YouTube from the beginning of lock-down until the term finished. One parent mentioned Mr Lee's drive to keep children active and healthy. Mr Lee would read all pupil's comments and respond the following day, really engaging with pupils during lock-down and retaining the sense of community.

"He made sure that children who followed the videos got a 'shout out' which made them feel their efforts were acknowledged. There were special challenges for milestone videos, where the children could earn a medal."

During lock-down, Mr Lee produced 63 videos in total for Red Oak pupils, all the while teaching essential key worker's children in school. In addition, he actively encouraged pupils to engage with the North Suffolk Sports Challenges, competing against other schools virtually.

"He also got families to send in videos of them working out together in their home environments to share with the community to try to inspire other families to be active and to do the same."

As well as being identified as a "role model" and "hero" by his pupils, colleagues and parents of Red Oak, his efforts were also recognised outside of the school. One person told us:

"My Daughter left Red Oak a year ago and still she was doing his daily exercise during lockdown. I also shared his videos with friends and family, far and wide who also started to get involved daily as they were suitable for everyone to follow. He is an inspiration to all!"

His efforts and passion went even further, supporting those in the community who were shielding or vulnerable with one person explaining:

"I was in the shielding group as I have not long finished my fight against cancer. Due to this I am suffering bad side effects which effect me daily. Mr lee's workout videos helped me stay active in my own home and allowed me to exercise at an easy pace so I did not over do things. This also helped with my mental health and emotional wellbeing too as it gave me a sense that I was not alone. Mr Lee always had a smile and positive attitude which helped me just as much as the physical benefits of exercise... He definitely deserves to be recognised as a hero."

Thank you for all your hard work Mr Johnny Lee, enhancing pupil's motivation and inspiring families and your local community to remain active during lock-down!