Motin Khan & Koyes Miah

Motin and Koyes are the men behind the Ipswich Brothers Cycling Club which was launched as the government changed the rules around groups of up to six meeting for socially distanced exercise.

Motin and Koyes both come from the Bangladeshi community in Ipswich. After dusting their own bikes off during lockdown, they decided to help inspire others from their community to do the same, inviting them to meet on a Sunday morning for distanced cycle rides. Initially there were just three others that joined them, but the group has grown where it now regularly has up to twelve men riding each week.

The group formed at the point where gyms and leisure facilities were still closed and many of the members explain that they were becoming bored of the home workouts they had initially been involved with. One member explained:

"In the Bangladeshi community it's often difficult for people to organise and commit to regular activities, however Motin and Koyes took the initiative to get us out of the rut of being stuck in doors!"

The Sunday morning cycle rides take the group into new parts of the county where they enjoy the Suffolk countryside or coastal paths. One member told us:

"This was a first step in building up our confidence after not leaving the house. It allowed us to engage with friends and family face to face, safely but We've also made new friends and encouraged others outside of our immediate circle to join."

Since the group has grown, Motin and Koyes have since had T shirts made helping the group to be recognised when they are out on their rides. The group has helped to create a new community, support the members to keep fit and active and one member even explained how it's helped them to shift the weight they gained during lockdown. They said:

"We all have a new hobby and talking point other than coronavirus. It's helped us be more active and It's helped keep us motivated and shed some of the pandemic pounds gained in lockdown."

Well done to Motin and Koyes for the dedication they have given to their community in keeping everyone active in a safe way during this challenging period.