Michelle Buckley

Just before lockdown Michelle trained, qualified and started her own fitness and personal training business.

When lock down started Michelle gave up her own time free of charge to organise & run Sunday morning HIIT sessions via zoom. Lock down put her brand new business on hold and whilst having a young family to support she refused to take payment for the sessions.

She gave people a real reason to get up, stay fit and not to give up during this difficult time. Not only did she offer the fitness classes but she also made sure she checked up on everyone that logged into her session. One client said:

"These sessions massively helped my mental health whilst under huge stress being a front line key work during COVID-19. Without these HIIT sessions, fun & contact with others, lockdown would have been unbearable. Michelle's efforts have inspired me to stay active even after she stopped the session and I now have a bank of exercises that I know I can do at home and still keep fit and healthy"

It is clear to see Michelle has been an inspiration to many and a real champion for staying fit and healthy, well done Michelle!