Mental Health and Physical Activity

It is well known that being physically active supports us all to maintain good physical health, however it is also hugely beneficial to our mental health and wellbeing too.

This page contains a series of blogs written by our This Girl Can Ambassadors and the team at Suffolk Mind which can help to inspire you to be active over the upcoming months

Helping your mental health through the winter months

Jon Neal, CEO at Suffolk Mind talks about the clocks going back and how to help your mental health through the winter months.

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A year of activity that has changed my life

Local This Girl Can Ambassador, Jo Barwick tells us how physical activity has changed her life and explains the benefits this has had to her mental wellbeing.

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Moving helps us to stay physically healthy but mentally healthy too

Ezra Hewing, Head of Mental Health Education at Suffolk Mind, explains the benefits of moving for your mental health.

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Physical activity has helped to manage my PTSD

Charlotte Ditchburn is one of our local This Girl Can ambassadors and has used physical activity and the outdoors as a way of managing her PTSD, depression and anxiety. Here she talks more about this and her reasons for completing 100 miles for Suffolk Mind.

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Many Mindful Miles

Another one of our local This Girl Can ambassadors, Emma Brinkley has used physical activity to help manage long term health conditions over many years now. In this blog, she talks about finding ways to stay active within her limitations during the first lockdown and how participating in the 100 miles for Suffolk Mind challenge will encourage her to stay active throughout the winter, as well as support her mental health whilst we continue to live with restrictions during the pandemic.

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Exercise and mental-well-being: some useful tips that I have learnt personally and professionally

Sue Tetley, This Girl Can ambassador has produced a blog sharing useful tips on improving mental health and wellbeing through exercise and physical activity.

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