Luke & Michael at Airborne Fit

The pair from Airborne Fit tell us:

"Our members are everything to us. Keeping everyone together throughout lockdown was hugely important to us to look after our members mental wellbeing."

The nominations received for this club and the pairs work is truly representative of their values and goal. In response to the lockdown restrictions and closure of leisure facilities, Airborne Fit were required to shut the door's of their gym in Brightwell Barns in Newbourne and move over to the online world! The day before lockdown Luke handed every piece of equipment & mats out of his gym to members so they could use the equipment at home before launching regular online physical activity sessions which included HIIT, Strength, Mobility, Yoga and Pilates, Family Fitness and Over 60's sessions.

In addition to this, they also offered members two zoom workouts per day and even put on specific sessions for key workers from the NHS and Health and Social Care. Amongst the online workouts, the pair also set a series of challenges to keep members motivated throughout the lockdown.

In total, Airborne Fit delivered 125 days of online workouts which equated to over 400 hours of Zoom workouts and more than 10,000 miles completed in that time!

Not only did the pair deliver exercise classes, but they also offered motivational talks to help anyone struggling with their mental health. The comments from members show how important this was for them during this time with one person explaining:

" They Have enabled members to stay physically and mentally strong! The bespoke social media forums which were created for members to reach out and talk about problems, issues, frustrations and concerns allowed us all to stay connected and maintain good mental health."

The offering of equipment when so many were hit financially and the option of such a variety of classes meant everything to one family. They told us:

"My husband and I run our own small business which has not been able to function during lockdown. We have two teenage boys and no income. Luke has supported each one of us, loaning us equipment, providing Zoom classes for all of us, even my Mum who is 76 has loved her Over 60's zoom classes on a Wednesday morning. We have had some incredibly low moments during lockdown and I dread to think where we would have been without Luke. We will never be able to thank him enough."

Since gyms have been re-opened the pair have also been praised for their work in reassuring members and providing a safe environment. One member told us:

"Since coming out of Lockdown/shielding I have been left with quite severe anxiety. With the help of the Airborne team I have worked with them to ensure Airborne becomes my safe place, working at a pace that suits me to ensure I can join in with the classes. Without this support I would not be back at the gym, I would still be stuck at home. Luke supports all his members, we are more than just a gym it is a community."

It is very clear why Luke and Michael have been crown Lockdown Activity Heroes. Well done and thank you for the support you have provided to your local community!