Loai Omar

Loai from BeatBox45 in Ipswich worked to immediately create an online fitness portal, for all members once lockdown was announced. This allowed everyone to continue their training whilst the club was not allowed to open. iIn addition to this, Loai also hand delivering fitness equipment for each member who requested it, allowing them to get the most out of their home workouts and training sessions.

Loai was concerned that the gym and it's services were so important to both the physical and mental health of its members that we wanted to make sure that they kept on top of their goals, that they'd been working so hard on.

The portal he created contained daily workout routines, weekly challenges, cooking instructional videos as well as regular live motivational videos to keep members on track. The community rallied around and supported each other every day in the online group, congratulating each other when they completed their daily workouts which proved to be an invaluable support network during testing times.

One member explained:

"Loai's efforts have enabled a 60+ strong Ipswich community to continue their lifestyle goals and ensure positive mental health during the whole of lockdown, whilst building a supportive, empathetic online community of like-minded people."

Loai's efforts have clearly not gone unnoticed and his dedication during this challenging period to support his members to maintain their health and fitness is why he is being recognised as a Lockdown Activity Hero!