Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Training for Instructors

We are looking to hold a 'Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation - Advances in Exercise Referral Training' in the near future and are willing to provide up to £300 bursary for those wanting to attend (total cost of course is approximately £625).

Bursaries will be limited to 10 attendees and you must meet the criteria below to in order to attend.

This 5 day course consists of theoretical and practical learning, all designed to equip exercise professionals with key information and knowledge, in relation to working with clients recovering from cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The course boasts the most comprehensive syllabus for those seeking to advance their knowledge of exercise, cancer and rehabilitation, including:

  • Understanding Cancer and its treatments
  • Lifestyle factors that increase the risk of cancer
  • Dietary factors that can affect the risk of cancer
  • Exercise Referral within cancer treatment and rehabilitation
  • Cancer treatments and their effect on exercise
  • Preparation for exercise referral
  • Exercise testing and programme guidance
  • Exercise programming advice for dealing with symptoms and side effects of treatment
  • Case studies and risk factors
  • Motivation and behaviour change

Candidate pre-requisites:

  • Leisure experience - as appropriate to relevant qualifications held
  • Outgoing, friendly, motivational personality
  • Natural aptitude to organisation
  • An understanding of exercise and fitness theory
  • A relevant fitness qualification

*You must hold the relevant gym based pre-requisites: e.g. Level 2 Fitness Instructor OR Level 3 Personal Trainer AND WRIGHT Foundation Level 3 Exercise Referral Certificate or other endorsed Exercise Referral qualification.

For more information related to the course and assessments please visit https://www.wrightfoundation.com/docs/L4%20Cancer%20Rehab%20Brochure.pdf or contact Susannah Challis via the details below.

If you would be interested in attending this 5 day course, please complete the expression of interest form below. Places will be limited to 10, and we will only be able to hold the training if we meet the minimum numbers required. All of those who receive the bursary will be required to sign a formal service level agreement with mutually agreed outcomes, relative to the qualification.

Expression of Interest - Level 4 Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation

Expression of Interest - Level 4 Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation

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The data will be stored until March 2021. After this point the data will be deleted by Active Suffolk. 
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