John Reynolds

John Reynolds is the owner of John Reynolds Soft Tissue Therapy in Ipswich. John works with clients who have musculoskeletal injury, pain or dysfunction caused by any of life's stresses. In addition to his treatments, John also works with his community to support them with training with a particular focus on running.

When lockdown was announced, John was unable to interact and meet his clients as he usually would and it was at this point when the Core Club Online Trilogy was born! The purpose was to bring his clients together and keep the community active. Along with the wealth of weekly Core Club Online tutorials and Core Stability and Balance sessions, John launched 3 weekly challenges which included: A Garden Marathon, Confinement Movement challenge and then #RunOrWalk5kForTheNHS

John challenged his members to run for the NHS and try and raise £500 for the Ipswich & Colchester Hospitals Frontline Covid 19 Welfare Fund. By May, the group that John supported had already raised over £15,000. That figure continued to increase and the most recent total is at £18,000 although it is still growing!

the exercise classes and support John offered during this period was free and his challenges really helped to motivate everyone involved.

One member said:

"John kept everyone engaged and moving - crucial for mental health. He kept them focussed and motivated, and formed a community of people who were able to socialise online and make real friendships. During lockdown I didn't run at all, he encouraged and supported me to get back in to my trainers and I have since completed a challenge of running 105 miles in a week - something I didn't think was possible."

In addition to this, John is also in charge of the local under 16's rugby team.

"He kept the boys consistently training throughout lockdown. Running online strength and conditioning classes, and encouraging parents to get involved...The boys are used to playing rugby 3-5 times a week and are all very active. Keeping the boys all motivated and fit helped maintain their mental wellbeing and a positive attitude. Without the consistency and support from John the boys would of probably struggled a lot more with lockdown."

It is clear to see why John has been nominated for the recognition he truly deserves. Well done John for becoming a Lockdown Activity Hero!