"It is never too late to be active and make friends!"

Julia and Jean were both referred to the Active Wellbeing service via health professionals working within the South Rural Primary Care Network.

At 81, Julia was inactive, caring for her husband, unmotivated and suffering with asthma, arthritis and leg pain. At her first consultation she said "Sometimes I think it is too late!", however through tailored support Julia was recommended some home based activities, details of local exercise groups and a voucher for the First Strokes swimming pool in Ipswich.

Jean was sign posted to the pool around the same time after being referred to the Active Wellbeing Service to support her with weight management, atrial fibrillation and recovery from a knee injury.

It was at First Strokes where the pair met and where their friendship blossomed!

"I met Jean at my first swimming session and we now go together every week - We even had a Christmas dinner together!

The swimming has been a godsend. I feel so wonderful after each session. It gives me a few hours of me time away from all the stresses of home, plus I feel more relaxed, I am less fatigued, my sleep has improved and I have better mental health."

"Since accessing the Active Wellbeing service and swimming at First Strokes I am doing brilliantly!

Through being more active I have lost lots of weight, and my arthritis is much better. I am feeling great, plus I have built a lovely friendship with Julia!"