Jade Skillen

Jade has her own Personal Training business, JS Fitness and at the start of lockdown she was quick to adapt and move all her training online, offering sessions 3 times a day, 6 days a week, every week.

Jade went above and beyond and also added weekly mindset training to her online schedule as well as physio sessions, in depth nutrition advice and even leading online quiz nights to boost morale!

"Jade goes above and beyond and is the master of her craft. Her ability to get everyone involved and on the same page is remarkable. She is amazing"

Jade also organised food collection for the local community as well as a 12 hour charity virtual bootcamp day raising over £10,000 for Addenbrookes Chartiable Trust! This shows her passion to not only improve physical wellbeing but also to provide support for individual members of the community, boosting morale and improving mental wellbeing at an extremely challenging time.

Her clients have nothing but praise for the support and dedication she has shown:

"I came out of hospital shortly before lockdown after a straightforward procedure went a bit wrong. I had worked so hard on my fitness before surgery and was gutted when lockdown kicked in. But coach Jade provided a solution. Her virtual program has enabled me to regain my fitness and heal both physically and mentally!"

Jade's passion and commitment to helping her clients has helped form camaraderie amongst the group which helped her clients feel well connected and it has prevented social isolation and loneliness. One client told us:

"I feared lockdown as I live alone, I feared the isolation would be too much and I would revert back to some previous unhealthy habits. The first day of lockdown Jade had created a virtual program...she was on the case big time, it was amazing, I didn't feel isolated at all, in fact I was loving it."

one of her clients has even been inspired to pursue a new career...

"I've been inspired to now take up a personal trainer course myself and take control of my own future. People have come out the other side of lockdown stronger, fitter and mentally stronger.All round she has kept us all going and helped those who were struggling to cope and take control put aside the fear and move on with life. She really is an INSPIRATION"

The positive comments have been endless from those who have benefited from Jade's work. Her selfless dedication has clearly supported so many to come through lockdown healthier than before.

"She had helped me turn my fitness and mindset around to a more healthy and positive way to live and be. Without her program, I would have had a much worse time in lockdown. I have made so much progress in my fitness and healthy living journey and it is largely down to her inspirational program, help and support"

Excellent work Jade, you have achieved so much and helped so many people, well done!