The This Girl Can Team

15 of our local This Girl Can Ambassadors are backing the 100 Mile for Suffolk Mind challenge and have committed to a goal which will see them complete 100 miles in which ever way they decide.

Check out our ambassadors goals below and follow their journeys on social media by following the hashtag #TGCSuffolk100

Jo Barwick

I have set myself a goal of 100 miles in at least 100 days, but with my friends and family contributing their own miles from around the country, I hope we'll hit the 100 quicker, happier and healthier!

Sue Tetley

I have set my goal to achieve 100 miles in 30 days swimming, cycling and running.

Clair Fiddaman

I decided to take part in the 100 mile challenge to try and get me out in the fresh air as much as possible. I'm working from home and have been since March and got in to a bad habit of sitting for work, then get lunch and sitting and watching TV at lunchtime. By the end of the day sometimes I'd done less than 1000 steps. This was a good excuse to get moving every day, even if I can only squeeze in 15 mins! I aim to complete my 100 miles mainly by walking and I hope to achieve it by Christmas Day.

Clair Jones

My goal will be to complete the 100 miles by the end of lockdown... running, walking and cycling.. to keep my head clear! I know from the last lockdown that exercise really helped me. I decided to get involved in the 100 miles challenge as it gives me a focus for my exercise. I have really noticed the positive effect exercise has on my mental well-being this year. Lockdown is hard, and working from home was a real challenge.. although I'm now back in the classroom it's very different from school life pre-COVID. Having exercise challenges helps me to keep fit and active so I have the energy and positivity I need to fulfil my role as a teacher and parent.

Rachel Bond

I will complete the 100 mile challenge by walking & running.

Charlotte Ditchburn

I aim to cover 100 miles in a maximum of 30 days.

Angela Soames

I'm going to run 100 miles in a month.

Anna Salisbury

I am locked down, but not locked up...I am setting a goal to fulfil 100 miles and take control back. I decided to take part in the 100 mile challenge as during the first lockdown I really struggled with my anxiety levels and found that by keeping active my mental health vastly improved. Just going for a mile walk once a day in the fresh air and sunshine really improved my mood and made me much more proactive the rest of the day. I would encourage anyone out there struggling in these strange times just to try and grab a few minutes walk each day to clear your head and refresh it really does help.

Donna Harvey - Arnell

My goal is to focus on the 100 miles because I can't spar, I can't coach and this will support me in my own mental health goals. I'll aim to run 10 miles and week.

Emma Brinkley

I am aiming to walk 100 miles in 50 days. Since the days have become shorter I have been trying to get out every day for a mindful walk to get some exercise, connect with nature and look after my mental health. I decided the 100 mile challenge would be a great incentive to keep me getting out for walks through the cold dark days of December, not only for the sake of my physical health, but my mental health too. Besides, the event is in aid of a mental health charity very close to my heart, Suffolk Mind and so, I'm excited to be able to raise funds and awareness for this amazing charity.

Vic French

To run the 100 miles before the 4 weeks of the second lockdown is finished. It's given me a focus and a purpose to keep moving, be grateful that I can and enjoy being outside!

Michelle Buckley

I plan to be active for 30 minutes everyday and will aim to get outside and walk at least 3 days per week as part of that goal. That way I will get those miles in!

Sarah Hainsworth

My goal is to cover the 100 miles with friends & family as a way to check in and combat loneliness brought about by the isolation in lockdown.

Lisa Hares

I aim to achieve my 100 miles over the winter months through walking and running. I am a Assistant Practitioner at Ipswich hospital so now more than ever it is important for me to take time out and be active to help with my mental and physical health. I often have my two daughters join me on walks and sometimes they will join me running. This is a great opportunity for my girls to get some fresh air, catch up and talk openly.