Physical activity during the pandemic for older adults

We've put together some resources to help older adults stay active during the pandemic, which will help boost both physical health and mental wellbeing.

Aim to do a mixture of different activities so you can improve your strength, flexibility and balance.

As with any kind of physical activity, make sure you start slowly and gradually build up. Set yourself a target to work towards at the end of each week/month. And don't forget to warm up and cool down to avoid any injuries!

Public Health England - Active at Home

Public Health England have put a booklet together with some guidance on how you can be active at home during the coronavirus outbreak and whilst you are shielding or self- isolating.

Click HERE to view online.

Living with a disability?

Activity Alliance have listed a number of resources and online activities that you can follow from home.

Click HERE to check out the resources available.

Later Life Training - Home Exercise Booklets

Later Life Training offer a wide range of downloadable resources which can assist you when carrying out exercises at home. The booklets are all aimed at improving postural stability, strength and balance. Doing these types of exercises regularly will help to keep you strong and will reduce your risk of falls.

You can access the Later Life Training You Tube channel HERE.

Download the Later Life Training calendar HERE

NHS Website

On the NHS website you can find lots of exercises that are specifically tailored to older adults, particularly adults over the age of 65. These focus on strength, balance and flexibility, which are all key components of our functional fitness. We have linked these for you below:

The Body Coach - Home Workouts for Seniors

Joe Wicks, otherwise known as The Body Coach is a fitness coach, TV presenter and author. His YouTube channel has hundreds of exercise videos for both adults and children to follow at home, regardless of fitness level. Recently he has uploaded some 'home workouts for seniors videos' including a 10 minute chair workout.

We have linked some examples below but to view more options available from his channel click HERE

Allied Health Professionals

The Allied Health Professionals, physiotherapy team in Suffolk have a selection of gentle exercises on their YouTube channel which you could begin incorporating into your daily routine. These are gentle but will encourage movement in areas that may be prone to injuries or problems.

Click HERE to go to their channel.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

If you have recently been discharged from hospital, you may be feeling concerned about how you can build your strength back up. The Chartered Society for Physiotherapy have put a resource together which includes:

  • Useful videos
  • Information from the Royal Osteporosis Society
  • Tips on how to manage breathlessness
  • The importance of hydration and nutrition

Click HERE to read more

Arthritis Action have also been listed on the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy new webpage entitled 'Managing your bone, joint or muscle pain', encouraging patients to take practical steps to manage their condition at home during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Click HERE to go directly to this page.

Arthritis Action

Arthritis Action have a number of valuable resources which you may find useful during this time. Whether you are affected by arthritis or not, these resources will be beneficial for anyone new to exercise, affected by a long term condition or who has restricted mobility. We have linked these below:

10 Today

Just 10 minutes of physical activity a day can benefit your physical and mental health. 10 Today is a short, enjoyable and easy routine. You can tune in to listen to the 10 minute workout on the radio, watch 10 today online or connect via social media.

Check out the example below or click HERE to access the full range of broadcasts and videos.


WheelPower is the National charity for wheelchair sport. Whether you are in a wheelchair, have restricted mobility or feel less able, their seated yoga and resistance band sessions are perfect for supporting you to be active at home.

Adaptive Yoga

Resistance Band Exercises

If you are unable to get hold of resistance bands or cannot afford them, you can apply for a free set of bands here.

Simple Core Workout

Shoulder Stability Exercises

If you like the look of these videos from WheelPower, they are offering weekly online classes as listed below

  • Tuesday - 11am : Exercise Class with Ben
  • Wednesday - 7pm : Exercise Class with Ella
  • Thursday - 11am : Yoga Class with Nina

All classes require FREE booking online.

Click HERE for the links to current classes.

The Royal Voluntary Service - Virtual Village Hall

The Virtual Village Hall has been set up thanks to the Royal Voluntary Service. Check out their "Village Hall Notice Board" to find more online physical activity options, crafts, gardening and much more!

For more information Click HERE

Walk at Home

Check out the "Walk at Home" YouTube channel, website and app. The programme supports you to take part in a 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile or 5 mile walking workout from the comfort of your own home.

Active Suffolk Virtual Functional Fitness MOT

Active Suffolk have created a series of six videos allowing you to carry out a Functional Fitness MOT from your home. The Functional Fitness MOT tests have been created by Glasgow Caledonian University and Later Life Training, who are both renowned training providers.

Each Functional Fitness MOT test comes with a set of "normal values" for people of different ages and this will give you an idea of whether you are "doing well" compared to your peers, or whether you could benefit from being more active.

To request access to this series, please contact us at

Sport England

Although your usual routine may have changed and access to leisure facilities and clubs may be restricted, we strongly encourage you to continue to partake in physical activity in a safe environment.

Sport England has compiled a number of fantastic links that can help you to be active from the comfort of your home, including online free workouts, gym/equipment free workouts and workouts you can do with the children.

Ability Not Disability

Community Fitness Network have worked with 50 instructors who teach in communities to produce workouts for families, children and adults who have special educational needs and disability. Check out the YouTube Channel to access 211 videos including dance fitness, seated, boxing, yoga, stretch, balance and circuits.

Get Fit with British Blind Sport

As with many other sport and physical activity providers, the Coronavirus pandemic encouraged British Blind Sport (BBS) to adapt its services and explore the world of online workout classes. BBS's audio-led sessions, developed in collaboration with inclusive providers, have helped blind and partially sighted people keep active from their homes during the pandemic and have continued to be enjoyed by people around the world. Our YouTube channel has over 100 on-demand activity videos in a variety of styles. The workouts have proved so popular that BBS has chosen to continue offering them alongside our regular delivery and will launch a new programme in 2022 to encourage more blind and partially sighted people to be active.

Find out more at