We've put together some resources to help older adults stay active at home, which will help boost both your physical health and mental wellbeing. Aim to do a mixture of different activities so you can improve your strength, flexibility and balance.

As with any kind of physical activity, make sure you start slowly and gradually build up. Set yourself a target to work towards at the end of each week/month. And don't forget to warm up and cool down to avoid any injuries!

Home Exercise Booklets - Later Life Training

Later Life Training offer a wide range of downloadable resources which can assist you when carrying out exercises at home. The booklets are all aimed at improving postural stability, strength and balance. Doing these types of exercises regularly will help to keep you strong and will reduce your risk of falls.

The exercises in the booklets have been used in seated exercise classes across the world and have been shown to maintain function and independent living. You can access the booklets HERE.

NHS Website

On the NHS website you can find lots of exercises that are specifically tailored to older adults, particularly adults over the age of 65. These focus on strength, balance and flexibility, which are all key components of our functional fitness.

Make Movement Your Mission - Facebook Group

Make Movement Your Mission is a Facebook group set up by Later Life Training to help older adults stay active at home. Every day between 23rd March and 23rd April, there will be three live exercise classes day (8am, 12pm and 4pm). Search 'Make Movement Your Mission' on Facebook to become a member of the group.

The Body Coach - Home Workouts for Seniors

The Body Coach (otherwise known as Joe Wicks) is an English fitness coach, TV presenter and author. His YouTube channel has hundreds of exercise videos for both adults and children to follow at home, regardless of fitness level. Recently he has uploaded some 'home workouts for seniors videos' including a 10 minute chair workout.