Helen & Nicola - The Outdoorsy Type

The Outdoorsey Type is a group for like minded people wanting to get active outdoors which has grown exponentially since lockdown restrictions have started to ease. The group would not be able to run without Helen and Nicki, who adapted their sessions to be socially distant and safe whilst still enjoying the outdoors, enabling people to interact socially and stay active throughout the pandemic. One participant said:

"Nicki and Helen who set up the group are amazing ladies, getting the group off the ground and having events fully booked is an amazing feet as we come out of lockdown. They are professional in everything they do and their online group means people with similar interests in Suffolk can get together and inspire each other through a safe environment."

Both Helen and Nicki have had a real positive impact on many people in Suffolk, including men and women from all sorts of backgrounds, giving them a group that can work around childcare or work, allowing them to still fit in the time to get outside and be active, as well as, meeting new people. Another member of the group shared:

"I've just moved to Suffolk as a result of COVID-19 relocating from London. I found it amazingly helpful to know that there were other like-minded people interested in socially distanced outdoor activities. I would not have found them or settled into the local area as quickly without the activities organised by Helen and Nikki."

Not only has the group helped those participating to stay physically active, it has also had a significant impact on improving mental well-being by creating a safe platform for people new to the area to meet new people, allowing them to gain confidence and to reconnect socially following lockdown.

"The group has been a key part of my mental and physical well-being post lockdown helping me to grow the confidence to meet strangers to do things together that we love and make some great friends."

Fantastic work Helen & Nicki, a real inspiration to many and having such a positive impact on the lives of many in Suffolk. Well done, keep up the great work!