Heidi Fox

Heidi is the owner of Fox Academy of Dance. When lockdown was announced by the government, the dance school had no choice but to close their doors. Heidi's busy dance classes were no longer take place and their plans for the summer show had to be scrapped.

Despite the challenges this created, Heidi worked to overcome and adapt by offering online dance classes.

Heidi told us:

"As lockdown was introduced, we immediately made the transition online offering a free digital learning platform for all of our dancers. This grew to contain 145 tutorial videos for our entire dance family to access. We also offered a Live-Streamed timetable of classes via Zoom teaching over 100 lessons during lockdown."

Heidi tailored each group to ensure there was something for all of her dance students and she made sure the sessions were fun and interactive both for the dancers and the parents.

In addition, Heidi also put on special Sunday classes to help dancers learn new skills. One parent said:

"This has kept my daughter active and focused...Heidi has kept my daughters mental and physical health in a good place...I cannot thank her enough!"

As well as ensuring her students remained active, developed new skills and had fun, Heidi also set up a pen pal scheme allowing everyone within the academy to stay well connected.

Heidi even worked to put on an online summer show giving the students something to continue to work towards.In fact, Heidi and the team at Fox Academy of Dance choreographed, costumed, staged, filmed and edited a Virtual Showcase to give all their dancers the opportunity to perform (from their own homes) this summer! This was then streamed live on Zoom as part of the free Live At Five Sunday Sessions.

"The determination to keep going and stay positive has been gratefully appreciated."

Well done Heidi for being a Lockdown Activity Hero!