Give It Your Best Go Challenge

During the first lockdown we released our "give it your best go" challenge with the aim of supporting everyone to take part in new activity at home. We have kept these here for you and your families to get involved at any time.

The idea of the challenges are not to compete against anyone else to be the best, but instead to review your own performance of the activity over the duration of one week.

How do I get involved?

  • Watch one of our Give It Your Best Go videos which you can view below.
  • Give it a go!!
  • Practise the challenge each day for one week
  • Post or share your final attempt with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging Active Suffolk and using the hashtags #JoinTheMovement and #KeepMovingSuffolk- Make sure you remember to tell us how you have improved!
  • If you don't want to post on social media but you want to share your progress with us you can let us know by emailing

We would love to see your attempts and progress, however you do not have to share. We have kept this page live for you to challenge yourself at any time so you can simply "Give It Your Best Go!"