Functional Fitness MOT

What is the Functional Fitness MOT?

Every so often, the Active Suffolk team offer Functional Fitness MOT testing in the local community. The Functional Fitness MOT tests have been created by Glasgow Caledonian University and Later Life Training, who are both renowned training providers.

Each Functional Fitness MOT test comes with a set of "normal values" for people of different ages and this will give you an idea of whether you are "doing well" compared to your peers, or whether you could benefit from being more active. These everyday activity tests allow you to compare your performance with others of the same age and gender.

Who is the Functional Fitness MOT for?

Within the local community, our Functional Fitness MOT testing is offered to adults aged 50+.

Functional Fitness MOT testing at home

The Active Suffolk team have created six functional fitness MOT videos allowing you to test yourself at home.

If you would like access to these, contact the team at