Fiona Campbell

Fiona Campbell is a fitness instructor in the Lowestoft area who has been described by one of her regular clients as "lively, funny and a fantastic motivator". As soon as lockdown hit, Fiona continued to offer her clients her usual motivation by moving over to the online world where she offered up to five classes a week!

Despite juggling four children and managing the challenges of the pandemic herself, Fiona not only offered free online, live fitness classes but she also provided training advice and group chats! Fiona also gave clients the opportunity to send private messages for extra advice or support.

One client said:

"Fiona gave me a reason to get up in the morning rather than just sitting around whilst we weren't allowed to go out...It prevented a lot of us from becoming isolated and depressed."

Before lockdown, Fiona would regularly deliver her classes from the Nirvana Gym in Lowestoft so her efforts helped to keep members active whilst also building a brand new community of people who may have not been active prior to lockdown. Those that joined in and said that her selfless efforts have helped them to stay fit, prevent weight gain, maintain fitness and improve mental health. One participant said:

" Fiona provided me with a routine and she kept me sane during very strange times...she has done it all with such enthusiasm, so much so that you really thought you were in a class with her not on a screen."

Providing those in the local community with some sense or normality and structure to their day has not only supported them to be active but also to stay connected which was essential during lockdown. For this, Fiona is recognised as a Lockdown Activity Hero.

Well done Fiona!