Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention Programmes provide an opportunity for individuals to increase their strength and balance and thus reduce their falls risk.

An Overview of Falls Prevention
Do you feel a little unsteady on your feet and / or have concerns about balance and mobility? Would you like to improve your balance?

Doing regular strength and balance exercises can improve your mobility and reduce your risk of having a fall. It's important that a strength and balance training programme is tailored to the individual and monitored appropriately by a trained professional.

The local Steady Steps Programme offers a 24 week programme that is tailored to those who have previously fallen or worry about falling and is designed to help improve balance and stability. Delivered by Level 4 specialised Postural Stability Instructors, the class is tailored to each individual's abilities and will progress in difficulty throughout the programme. See below for more information.

Or ask your GP about training programmes in your area.

Falls Prevention Programmes offer 24 week exercise sessions comprising of tailored seated and standing exercise including; balance & endurance, dynamic balance, floor exercised (if appropriate), strength exercises using bands/balls/light weights and techniques for getting down and up from the floor.

Ask your GP about training programmes in your area.

Don't want to sign up to a long course? Check out the link below where they offer one off sessions.

Ipswich and East Suffolk Alliance (Mid Suffolk, Ipswich and most of East Suffolk) - Step by Step Better Balance Sessions - ActivLives

West Suffolk and Waveney - Falls and fall prevention - Suffolk County Council

Local Campaigns