BG Teachers Trampoline Award - Level 1 & 2

A British Gymnastics Award for Teachers to deliver trampolining to pupils Level 1 = 29th & 30th September Level 2 = 13th & 14th October

Hadleigh High Sports Centre, Stonehouse Road, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 5BH

BG Teachers Trampoline Award - Level 1 & 2

This British Gymnastics accredited training course enables you to teach the trampolining skills within the course syllabus for the benefit of your pupils unsupervised within the school curriculum only. This trampolining for teachers course is accredited by British Gymnastics and only open to trainee & qualified PE trained teachers. You may book a level 1 &2 combined course at the same time if you wish to teach trampolining up to GCSE (somersaults) level.

Level 1 (29th/30th Sept) - This course covers setting out and packing away equipment, trampolining code of practice, shaped jumps, half & full twist jumps, skills up to and including half twist into and out of the seat, front and back landing. Basic combination of skills, swivel hips & roller, Kipping techniques, observation & analysis and basic bio mechanics.

Level 2 (13th/14th Oct) - Level 2 expands on the Level 1 skills and syllabus. The Teachers Trampoline Award Level 2 includes;

  • Full twist in to and out of seat, front and back landings,
  • Complex twisting skills
  • Skills and progressions leading to forward and backward somersaults
  • Observation & analysis
  • BG competitions, Form Judging & Tariffing
  • Somersault biomechanics