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East Anglia Racketlon Open

All standards welcome! Please enter via - www.racketlon.co.uk/index.php/events

University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ
Andy Wilson / andyrwilson@sky.com

East Anglia Racketlon Open

University of East Anglia


NR4 7TJ.

There is no requirement to be strong at all 4 racket sports (Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash & Tennis) as one of the many beauties of Racketlon is that it caters for all ages & abilities.

Please see https://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=6F617B76-F77F-45AC-BE4D-61EE80359243 for entries.

If you are looking for more details then please visit the UK Racketlon website or contact Andy Wilson via andyrwilson@sky.com or on mobile (outside of office hours) on 07952 625526.


Supporting Documents:

east-anglia-open-20191.pdf (PDF, 94.4 Kb)