Functional Fitness MOT Training Day

The FFMOT is a person-centered brief behaviour change intervention that aims to educate older people about the different components of fitness necessary to maintain independent living, physical and mental health. This one day training course is designed to assist Active Ageing professionals to understand how they can use the Functional Fitness MOT with the groups and individuals they work with.

Stowmarket Community Centre, Hillside, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 2DB

Functional Fitness MOT Training Day

This one day course, delivered by Later Life Training will focus on:

  • Highlighting the importance of functional fitness and the physical activity guidelines
  • Undertaking a Functional Fitness MOT together
  • Assessing and interpreting the results and having a conversation about taking action
  • How to plan local MOT events and activities

The Functional Fitness MOT results can be used with an older person to highlight their individual strengths and weaknesses and the next steps required to initiate physical activity participation. This is followed by discussion around the person's needs, preferences and motivation to take advantage of local opportunities and activities designed to promote active ageing.

Cost: £70 + VAT public sector, £60 + VAT NGOs and Charities

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Supporting Documents:

ff-mot-flyer-27.pdf (PDF, 1.9 Mb)