Em Day Gooch

Em has been a star within her local community during lockdown. Her efforts have been shared by so many and it is clear to see why she has been recognised as a lockdown activity hero.

Em is an instructor at the Waterlane Sports Centre in Lowestoft. Once lockdown was announced and leisure centres were closed, Em adapted quickly to ensure her clients continued to receive the support and motivation they needed to be active. Em went above and beyond during this time by setting up and delivering two free online workouts five days per week, plus an additional weekend session for those that needed it! Once restrictions were lifted, Em continued her efforts by committing to offering some outdoor sessions. Throughout this entire period, Em did not charge her clients a penny! Her selfless dedication was delivered simply to help, motivate, inspire and support through her passion for exercise and physical activity.

Despite being open about the struggles she was experiencing herself during this time, Em helped her clients to manage and improve their mental and physical health during such unprecedented times. One client said:

" I was struggling with my mental health during lockdown and this helped me massively. It allowed me to function and look after my children."

Em's online classes helped to keep her clients connected during this time and she even invited one of her clients siblings along after discovering that she lived alone. Keeping everyone connected during this time not only helped to keep everyone motivated but it also helped keep the social benefits of exercise alive!

"It's hard to workout on your own, but with other people and friends to be there online was a big motivation!"

One client even spoke of how Em lent her a bar to workout with to help her maintain her usual workouts. She said:

"Em has helped me mentally get out of a bad place! The start of lockdown was so hard for us all and with gyms closing you lose your hobby and your enjoyment. She has got me moving again!"

One client also said:

"It helped so many of us more than she realises."

We hope Em realises how much her tireless efforts meant to those in the local community. Well done!!