Curtley Williams from Over Power Fitness Studios

Curtley Williams is the owner of Over Power Fitness Studios in Needham Market. The members describe the studios as "so much more than a gym", where the team of trainers always motivate, inspire, challenge & make keeping fit, fun!

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, members that joined Over Power have claimed to see a significant improvement in their physical and mental health and wellbeing and Curtley has been described by one as being "full of infectious energy and genuine care"

In the lead up to the lockdown, Curtley and his team at Over Power made increased efforts to ensure the safety of their members by introducing additional sanitising and they stopped the sharing of equipment. Once the government made their announcements, Curtley went above and beyond to ensure members had access to a range of online, daily training sessions alongside constant support. Curtley and the team used both Facebook and Zoom to deliver sessions and one member said:

"They have kept me going and gave me a reason to smile each day and help to see the positive things each day."

The introduction of mini challenges also helped to keep his members motivated with their fitness goals whilst also helping them to cope with the stresses of lockdown.

"With the support of Curtley's I have been motivated to do circuit training at home & stay active with daily walks & regular runs during lockdown to help me continue on my fitness journey & maintain good mental health...Like many members I honestly believe that Over Power has been key to maintaining my physical & mental health throughout lockdown."

Curtley even helped to motivate and encourage those who were inactive to participate in activity during this time. One member said:

"I have become active again whereas before lockdown I was very much sedentary. I have lost 1.5 stones in weight with his help and my whole household now has a much healthier attitude to food. Other people have remained active throughout lockdown because of him and some have, like me, have become active again."

Well done to Curtley and his team of trainers at Over Power, it is clear the impact you have had on local people's lives during this time.