Active Partnerships

The Challenge

As well as being a great source of enjoyment, sport and physical activity has proven benefits to physical and mental well-being, educational attainment, social cohesion and economic development (sport for social good). However, 28% of the population are sedentary, only 57% meet the recommended Government guidelines and several demographic groups have activity levels well below the national average (further reading). The Sport Sector has been challenged to be much bolder in harnessing the potential of sport for social good and making a meaningful impact on improving people's lives.

Our Mission:

To increase levels of engagement in sport and physical activity, reducing levels of inactivity, tackling stubborn inequalities and using the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives.

Our vision:

An active lifestyle is the social norm for everyone

Goals by 2020:

  • Get 500,000 more adults regularly participating in sport
  • Reduce the number of adults that are inactive by 250,000
  • Get 1 million young people more active

What are Active Partnerships:

There are 43 Active Partnerships across England who work collaboratively with local partners to create the conditions for an active nation using the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives.

Active Partnerships are strategic organisations that recognise activity levels are affected by a complex system of influences and no single organisation or programme create sustainable change at scale. So by adopting a collaborative whole system approach, Active Partnerships seek to make active lifestyles the social norm for everyone and address the worrying levels of inactivity in society.

What We Do:

National Reach: Local Impact:

Getting the nation active by delivering or commissioning high impact national and local programmes designed to meet customer needs.

Improving Lives:

Using the power of sport and physical activity for social good – improving the physical health, mental health, individual development, social and community development and economic development of the nation.

Workforce Development:

Developing a high quality, diverse workforce (clubs, coaches, volunteers and professional workforce) and supporting them to deliver inspiring activities that are accessible to all.

Strategic Leadership:

Co-ordinating the effective delivery of local sport and physical activity by brokering relationships and influencing stakeholders.

Insight and Influence:

Understanding the needs of the local area to influence and guide decisions to maximise investment into sport and physical activity.

Awareness and Advocacy:

Raising the profile of sport and physical activity through innovative local and national promotional campaigns.