Our Active Wellbeing service has supported many people across Suffolk to become more physically active. Read some of the client testimonials below to find out how the service has made a positive difference to their lives.

"As a newcomer to the area and as a sufferer of fibromyalgia, I had no idea about the many different services and possibilities to help me get fitter. Prior to meeting Janet, I was randomly trying out different options, none of which suited my needs and I was getting discouraged. The initial meeting with Janet, and subsequent follow up and ongoing tailor-made support have been second to none. I have found suggestions to integrate self-help and physical activities into my daily life motivating and I walk and do yoga most days."

"The Active Wellbeing service was brilliant for us, we both thoroughly enjoyed listening to Chris and his ideas. The boost he gave us has motivated us both."

"We are so pleased that we've been part of the Active Wellbeing service. The New Age Kurling sessions have been brilliant, and the different events have been interesting too such as the Fitness MOT's where we tested our physical health and compared it to the national average for our age. Seeing Nick and having a TomTom Tracker has given us a kick start in helping our own health."

"I'm now doing Yoga at the Old School Community Centre, I've joined a Health Walk on Monday mornings in Long Melford as well as walking my dog every day too. The Active Wellbeing service introduced me to a way of improving my fitness, but also one of the most important things is an opportunity to be more social!"

"I've found the Active Wellbeing service a very interesting and a helpful service and is great for any older person, especially like me, where they're living on their own. The Functional Fitness MOT was a fun morning of finding out about how my aerobic fitness, flexibility and strength is. It was particularly interested comparing my results to the national average for my age and I was pleasantly surprised! It was very helpful being able to have a discussion as a group after the testing was finished and ask what types of activities would be better for my fitness going forward. The follow up 1:1 consultation at Long Melford Surgery with Nick was also very good as every body is different therefore it was good to be able to chat about my needs specifically."

"My Active Wellbeing representative, Annie, catered for my individual situation and was very, very encouraging and motivating. I have enjoyed and benefited from being on this programme and time permitting, will join a local exercise class."

"I was at quite a low point when I met Annie, I felt I wasn't going anywhere and I was bored. Annie is very upbeat and positive without being pushy and patronising. The information sheets she provided me with saved me having to do much hard work because she had already done it for me."

"The Active Wellbeing service provides many motivating opportunities locally and lots of timely reminders. I'm more conscious of moving my body now."

"We really enjoyed the six weeks of gym sessions, it got us out of the house and moving! We had a good giggle with Amanda, the personal trainer, she was very good at showing us the ropes and keeping us motivated! A great, local, community initiative! Would love to see more opportunities like this"
Wenhaston Outdoor Gym Participant