Activity: Walking, running, cycling, horse riding and yoga.

Motto: Move it or lose it.

Bio: I walk everyday, cycle at the weekend, horse ride whenever I can and practice yoga weekly. I am active to stay fit and healthy not just physically but mentally, working from home means that I enjoy getting active out of the house on a daily basis. I use being active to make sure I have a good work life balance and keep me motivated for work.

Having suffered with PTSD previously my fitness levels dropped from being an extremely active happy person to a couch potato with low confidence, getting out walking and horse riding again was the start of improving both my mental and physical health and started my road to inspiring others to get active in all sorts of ways.

Other women should become active to maintain their health both physically from a 30
minute walk a day to a whole days adventure and to keep mentally stimulated and physically active both of which are hugely important during the current lockdown situation.

The This Girl Campaign has inspired me to get involved to take part in the project to be a role model get more local women active, I would love to inspire as many other woman as I can to get out for some head space or exercise at least once a day. The benefits I have received from being active are extensive including the social side of things - meeting other like minded people, the physical benefits - loosing weight and being healthier and the mental benefits - feeling happier in myself, boosting my confidence and the ability to do more.

When I moved to Suffolk for a new job 2 years ago, I moved over 300 miles away from my family, starting a local yoga session weekly began some new life long friendships and opened up all sorts of new opportunities for me.