"Physical activity has supported me with my cancer recovery"

After attending an annual health check and being diagnosed with high blood pressure in July 2021, Brian Davis was referred to the Active Wellbeing Service by Dr Lewis from Needham Market Country Practice.

Not long after his initial Active Wellbeing appointment, Brian was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but he continued to take on advice and make positive changes to his lifestyle.

"When I was referred to the Active Wellbeing Service I wasn't as active as I should have been. With the support of the service, I started walking more, gardening and participating in online pelvic floor exercises with a specialist instructor who could support me with my prostate cancer diagnosis. I have have come through my treatment now but I still do these exercises 7 months on!

The service motivated me to set my own goals. I took on a walking challenge with my wife which I started before my radiotherapy. Although I couldn't sustain the same intensity once I began suffering with side effects, I just adapted and walked a little bit less until I could build up again.

I felt a sense of achievement after each walk, and I know I wouldn't have done it during this time without the support and regular contact from the service. Since being more active I am now also fit enough to carry and run around with my Great Niece and Nephew which means the world to me! "

It wasn't only Brian that noticed the benefits of physical activity, his wife also observed the positive changes in his physical and mental health whilst accessing the Active Wellbeing Service.

She told us:

"Brian used to arrive home from his appointments with Chris much more up beat and positive. I could tell there was no judgement during those sessions.

Chris was professional, spoke in 'Brian's language' and although I know he wasn't involved because of the cancer diagnosis, I actually think it made a real difference and supported him through his treatment"