Swimming has been a lifeline for my arthritis

Beverley referred herself to the Active Wellbeing Service at the Unity Centre in Ipswich back in March 2022.

Beverley had injured her foot whilst walking on holiday but also lives with severe psoriatic arthritis.

Beverley had always done lots of walking, but the pain and discomfort caused by her condition, was really limiting her so she was keen to discover new ways in which she could keep herself mobile and active.

After an initial consultation with Chris Lawson, this is what happened...

I injured my foot whilst I was walking on holiday. I already had severe psoriatic arthritis, which has aggrevated this injury causing problems with the tendons and bone but now, the arch of my foot has also dropped. Arthritis was beginning to limit my options with regards to physical activity, but it had worsened hence my referral - I was beginning to feel desperate!

After seeing Chris at The Unity Centre, I was referred to First Strokes swimming pool in Ipswich and I also had an assessment with SPOT Wellbeing. Swimming at First Strokes has been a lifeline. I come here every week for one hour. I feel so much better when I come out of the pool I can move more freely, and I am more relaxed.

I was so scared when I first started, it was a struggle getting into the pool, even getting changed but I love it now, it has boosted my confidence and I have improved. I used to have a lot of neck and shoulder pain, but the swimming has also eased this.

I would not have come here if it wasn't for Chris. It is great that the pool is reserved for Active Wellbeing clients as we can all relate to one another. I have made friends and the social benefits are great.

Slowly increasing my physical activity levels has also boosted my mental wellbeing and I am now ready and keen to keep doing more.