Mr Ashley Carver

Ashley Carver is a teacher at the Phoenix St Peter Academy in Lowestoft. In response to the Covid-19 lockdown, Ashely set up sports challenges and encouraged the children to get involved by sending in videos of themselves participating in the activities.

Ashley has been described by one parent as a role model for the children, staff and parents of Phoenix St Peter Academy. It is also said that Ashley shows genuine care for the children and always works hard to support their physical and mental health. Ashley's efforts to educate the children from Phoenix St Peters on the importance of healthy eating and his work to encourage all children to participate in physical activity has been said to improve the pupils confidence and positive mindset. One parent said:

My 7 year old daughter suffers from anxiety and low self esteem. Ashley has always gently encouraged her to take part in confidence building workshops and P.E lessons. He had got my daughter to the stage where she had finally agreed to take part in a cricket tournament but this was sadly cancelled due to Covid 19. Despite the event being cancelled, my daughter loved being part of sports challenges Ashley set challenges during the lockdown and receiving words of encouragement when we sent Ashley the videos gave her a big boost. Her confidence has really increased...Ashley has really helped to turn the lives of young people around and we are very grateful to him!

It is very clear to see why Ashley was nominated as a Lockdown Activity Hero - well done Ashley!