CIMSPA - Workforce Impact Survey

Tasked by Sport England, CIMSPA created a workforce impact survey to gain insight as to how the sport and physical activity sector's workforce has adapted to the effects of Covid-19 and to help shape the support needed to get the sector back up and running again.

Read the Phase 1 Sector Impact Report by clicking HERE.

CIMSPA have also created a "Stronger Together" Facebook group for anyone working in the sector, click here to join and visit the Stronger Together hub for additional support by clicking here.

GOV.UK Support and Advice

The latest advice for the sector from the UK government:

The GOV.UK website provides lots of help, support and guidance for those who may have been impacted by the coronavirus. For those whose employment may have been affected, there is lots of guidance around the types of financial support you might be able to access, including:

The Government has also set a set out financial support packages for organisations and self-employed individuals. Details can be found by accessing support through the government's financial packages . For more detailed information and guidance visit the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce support page.

Club Matters Support for Clubs

Clubs and organisations all over the country are experiencing lots of challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Club Matters is here to help by giving you some tips, tools and ideas to help keep your club functioning and working with your members and customers!

Keeping your Club and Organisation Running

From physical infrastructure, to making sure your committee is still functioning, there are lots of things that can be done during this time to ensure that your club can keep running or keep it in the best position possible. We have produced a series of resources and toolkits to guide you through what you may need to do.

For more information and to access the resources and case studies please see the Club Matters Website

Sport Structures Support

Sport Structures are working to support the Sport & Physical Activity sector during these unprecedented times. They are providing a weekly debate forum, a bespoke service to geographical areas and a series of guidance documents, Return to Play podcasts, an online classroom and links via their Club Matters contract.

For more information please refer to the pages on their website.

NCVO - Support for Volunteers

NCVO have lots of really useful information for those working in the voluntary sector and some guidance on volunteering during this time.

To find out more click HERE

MIND Charity

The 'Return to Play' document that MIND have created, provides mental health guidance to support the return of the sport and physical activity sector. It's split into three sections:

  • Supporting yourself
  • Supporting your workforce
  • Supporting your participants

It's aimed at all organisations, clubs and groups that wish to provide the best experience for their workforce and participants as lockdown restrictions are eased and sport and physical activity returns. It includes guidance, examples of good practice, tools and insight to help the sector to provide an environment that supports positive mental wellbeing.

Read and download the document by clicking HERE

England & Wales Cricket Board - Cricket Ground Security

During lockdown, Cricket clubs across the county have unfortunately been subject to a number of break in's, with Hadleigh Cricket Club being the most recent target.

ECB have produced and issued a publication titled "Cricket Ground Security, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention". Click HERE to view.

Sport England - Return to Play guidance

There's a lot for sport and physical activity providers to consider as lockdown restrictions evolve. Sport England have got guidance on a range of topics to help you plan for the return to play.

Find out more by clicking HERE

UK Active - Operational Guidance

UK active are regularly updating the advice and guidance for the sports and physical activity sector to help them reduce the risk of coronavirus to you and your business.

For Operational Guidance from UK active click HERE

Promoting online classes

Have you started offering virtual classes in response to the Covid-19 outbreak or need some support to do so?

We have teamed up with Playwaze, offering local instructors and clubs the chance to advertise virtual classes online for FREE.

What is the benefit?

  • Adding your virtual class to Playwaze is FREE, offering you FREE marketing in exchange
  • Your class details can be made available to more than 50 other activity providers websites across the country
  • Playwaze provides the opportunity for your attendees to book, pay and access your class through a link directing them to whichever platform you chose to host your virtual class on
  • You can set your class up as a reoccurring session, saving you the need to upload new details each week
  • Playwaze are offering a number of useful "How to" guides, supporting you to get the most out of your online classes
  • Playwaze offers you the chance to record online registers and build a database of new participants
  • You can embed the user friendly, Playwaze tool onto your own website making online classes even easier for your clients and members to access
  • Playwaze is mobile friendly, allowing your clients and members to book your class through their phone
  • Once you are allowed to go back to offering traditional classes, you will be able to continue using Playwaze to promote your services.

To get set up, simply click HERE to add your class today!

Working with children and vulnerable adults

During this time, you may not be in contact with participants, pupils, teammates or colleagues as often as usual. With this in mind, it is now, more than ever just as important that we continue to provide the vital support that may be needed to keep children and/or vulnerable adults safe.

The NSPCC & Ann Craft Trust have a great selection of E-Learning courses, webinars, videos & advice to support you in your role, whether you are a teacher, sports coach, volunteer or parent. To find out more please follow the links below:

The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) resource library

Remote teaching/coaching advice & guidance

The NSPCC Safeguarding & Child Protection online training

Ann Craft Trust's Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity Advice & Training

Swim England have launched new online CPD which provides insight into safeguarding issues

The CPSU Return to Play Guidance (Covid-19 & Safeguarding in Sport)

Sport England Winter Toolkit

Sport England have now launched their winter toolkit to be help people stay active through autumn. This toolkit is even more important now and has lots of useful resources that could help clubs keep people active virtually!