Active Schools

The Active Schools project has been created to bring together Primary Schools, key partners and the wider community to work collaboratively to support the growing issues of childhood excess weight and physical inactivity among young people.

The project aims to reduce ill health in later life by focusing on 3 key outcomes, using a whole school approach (as shown in the table below). It also aspires to increase the number and frequency of children, young people and their families who regularly take part in traditional/non-traditional sport and physical activity.

Active Schools is currently being delivered within two focus work areas:

  1. Babergh & Mid Suffolk
  2. West Suffolk

Within each area we work closely with a cluster of Primary Schools to offer and provide focused and targeted interventions, bespoke to each school and the local community. The project encourages local schools within each cluster to work together, sharing resources and learning when appropriate, creating a more cost effective way of working.

Following baseline data collection from the whole school community, Active Suffolk will then develop bespoke and individual action plans for each school to reveal the findings and act as a starting point to shape the ongoing project action plan on what types of support the school may require. Some examples of how the project provides support:

  • Signposting schools to local activity providers
  • Providing CPD opportunities
  • Sharing of resources
  • Support around the PE & School Sports Premium funding

For more information on each of the projects, please click on the pages below.